Cape Town Teasers

Hamjambo, darlings!

So two weeks ago now(!) I travelled west on a very long road and ended up on a white sandy beach where things like this happened.

See how amazed my face looks? It's cause I was looking at this.

My fellow model for the day, Danica :)
Photo: Danica V Model

Haha :P but jokes aside, I went to Cape Town for a week last Saturday and had a wonderful time off uni. I thought while I was there I could also meet some people and do some shooting so I sniffed around the interwebs and found that make-up artist Ety Hercsik was visiting from London and got in touch! What followed was a brilliant day at Clifton Beach with photog Nazmo, the lovely Danica and amazing support from her mum and friend!

Stay tuned for behind the scenes pics and the rest of the finished product as I get them. For now though, look what a fabulous time was had! ;P #SorryNotSorry

That house up there tho *.*

Ety sorting out Danica

I leave you with this, one of my faves so far, until I see the rest! As always I've been pretty critical with myself, facial expressions need work as does my discipline when it comes to skincare, but you've gotta recognize your own efforts as well. Not to mention give props to the amazing  make-up and photography on this day.

Someone take me back?

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