The Mirror Series- Ep. 1: Sinner and Saint (Gaschette Magazine)

Well, here we go!

I’ve professed my fangirl status for this magazine before (here) so it was only natural that I start my spotlight on digital magazines with Gaschette Magazine.

In this scene, it’s the well-known representation of one person’s good and ‘evil’ (let’s call it naughty) sides trying to influence her actions. 

I called up Viqta of ViqsPiqs a few weeks ago to tell him my plans and remembered seeing all the exploration he’s been doing with multiplicity on his own blog, so I saw this picture and thought it would be perfect. Our version has a busier background which I quite like because it sort of adds to the character's stress :P

Sinner & Saint from Gaschette Issue 8: Devotion

Yours truly by ViqsPiqs

Sick, right? Comments welcome as always ;)

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