The Mirror Series

Or 'Mirror Mondays' maybe? Help me decide when you've read the post ^.^

Happy Friday, lovers!

Hope everyone's well and enjoying life, I'm freezing my nose off in my first South African winter but the World Cup's on, I'm a legit working girl (intern) in an architect's practice and have some sick plans underway for this blog and for life so it's all good! So good.

Well, a few of you may have seen a promise on the facebook page for a new exciting series I've had cooking, and here we finally go! Here's how it goes:

1. Every week (I'm saying this by faith) I'll choose a scene from one of my favourite online or digital fashion and beauty magazines.

2. I will then post a photo of myself re-interpreting said scene/photo in an attempt to put my own unique stamp on it. Thus the word 'Mirror'- I often look at photos in editorials and imagine myself in them, so I'm turning them into a 'mirror' :P

3. You hopefully get to know about some magazines you didn't know or like before.

4. I get some more posing and shooting practice.

5. Suggestions for any digital mags you like are most, most welcome!!

So there you have it!
Keep your eyes peeled for the first episode of #TheMirrorSeries by #FrameAmbition! Maybe you guys can start a trend on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Follow me first though ;P

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Later honeyz!