The Mirror Series- Ep. 2: Spots (TWO Magazine)

Happy new week, lovers!

Hope you're enjoying the spotlight on digital magazines so far, click here to see what it's all about if you've been a bit slow to catch on ;P

Oh this? Just Ruth being a babe on the cover of issue #09

Right, onto the next one!

I can hardly remember how I even stumbled on this magazine- or what life was like before I was downloading it every month without fail! I've never quite seen anything like TWO Magazine, but maybe I'm just not paying enough attention to the wonderful world of make-up artists!

Profiles on top MUA's in the industry, beauty reviews, and editorials that will make your jaw drop like any art exhibit.

Plus, articles and features of Ruth Crilly (of A Model Reccomends) in abundance, who's easily my favourite English model/blogger and a major inspo of mine. Blodel? (nah)

The image I chose for this post is from Issue 3, make-up by Shonagh Scott and shot by Martin Higgs. I love how freaky-looking the dots make the model look, I immediately thought 'post-apocalyptic Avatar meets Southern African princess'. Obvious choice :P

I once again sought Viqta's help for this but we went a liiitle bit less dramatic. Stay tuned to his blog to see a time-warp video of me doing my own make-up ;) (

Thoughts? :)

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