'Julie O for LHO'

Happy Sunday, friends!

I thought I'd say a quick hello and let you all know about (one of) my new ventures that's finally taking off: I'm the new Southern Africa-based correspondent for Love's Hangover Creations, a Kenyan-owned fashion store in Indianapolis, USA. Wut wuuut!

Yup, my first intro post went live this week (click image to go read it) on their blog and I'll be chatting about style and new products here and there, maybe a little PE and Nairobi street style too as well as doing shoots like this one for them in the coming months.

Very exciting stuff and I look forward to sharing everything as  go along with my new partners, but for now things will be a little more quiet in my busy uni exam period. Just weeks to go until absolute FREEDOM :D

Have a drink for me, lovers.