Of Fitness Shoots and Radio Shows and Friends

Happy December, friends!

Oh yesss holiday time is here (well, at least for me it is :P) and after a marathon 10 months at university in South Africa, I’m fortunate enough to be back home in Kenya with my family and friends. AND MY BED. Oh my goodness, the sleep I’ve been indulging in. That includes afternoon siestas. Mmmm.

But if you know anything about me, you know even in my most dormant state I’m still moving quite a bit on both the modeling and art/design fronts, so some exciting things may be coming up!

For now though, I’m keen to share with you my first fitness shoot (well, the closest one to fitness so far) for The Collectiive (not a typo) clothing, shot in October in Port Elizabeth by Viqta (

remember him?

). Ivha, a friend and fashion student asked me to take part in the shoot and co-ordinated the make-up and styling of 10(!) models over a couple of days.

King’s beach skate park, outdoor gym, flea market, basketball courts and the actual beach won’t likely forget our antics promoting this t-shirt brand by Peanut ;P

Can y'all say b l i s t e r s?! #ModelProblems

Check on what Viqta's been doing here: 



In the week since coming home the good times have rolled already- bumped into a cool guy who was on my JHB-NBO flight at Brew Bistro, met some other great people, have sick opportunities lined up, AND co-hosted an online radio show with What's Good Live :D

Super casual. Watch us below (I'm around the 2h 10 min mark if you lack patience :P)

Best time!

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