Your Online Footprint- Mark and Protect!

 >> Before you start, I can't stress enough that I'm by no means a marketing/branding expert, so use your own discretion while reading (and maybe using) my tips below. Ok, go! <<

Since I moved my website to this new domain about a month ago, I've been in the process of re-branding the blog in a sense. Things got stalled quite a bit with my laptop being stolen a few weeks ago, but I'm sorted now and have recovered most of my photos and things (invest in back-up guys!), so things can continue now. Some updates are on their way for the website as well as my Facebook and other social media pages.  

As you go along your journey as a blogger and/or a human with an online presence, you'll likely have to think about how to best reach your audience so more people can see your awesome work. What's worked for me so far:

  • I had the idea to put my website address in my e-mail signature which is an easy way for people you communicate with to click to your work, if you want them to.
  • Send out social media and even e-mail blasts with each post you put up. Your friends and followers can share it and for even more of a kick, tag people and even businesses you think you'd love to see your work.

In short, most of us have to go to the traffic for it to eventually come to us.

During and after this you'll accumulate readers, friends and followers who don't know your journey before now. So having some way to backtrack if anyone is interested is a great way to help people understand and maybe tell more people about you and your brand and trust me people, we are all brands in this day and age whether were aware of it or not.

It could be a portfolio of work as a graphic/architectural/fashion designer, model, make-up artist or perhaps an organized collection of writing, whether academic or creative, for example.

  • Personally, I keep a small portfolio of modelling work on the site and have a collection of my photos from shoots and blog posts on Facebook and I'm even working on doing the same on my Pinterest.
Some of the new albums on the Facebook Page

Some of the new albums on the Facebook Page


  • Final touch for me, because I'm a rebel who works backwards, is branding, as well as protecting your intellectual property. This means that as well as your name (or your brand's name) you have an easily identifiable badge, icon or logo that's your identifier. 

With all the freedom we have to share things on social media, it's really important to protect your original work from plagiarism.

This is easy on photos because you can use a watermark ie. a subtle logo, text or marking on a picture (it can also be a picture of a quote/writing) which basically tells people that name or brand has the rights to that work. It's best put in a place where it won't be cropped out eg:

First attempts at a watermark text (left)&nbsp;and logo (right)

First attempts at a watermark text (left) and logo (right)

How do you stay organized and protected online?