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Hey all :)

WELL. It's been a manic few weeks since I last posted on here but if you're on any of my social media I'm sure you've been aware I'm still alive and doing alright!

I got back to South Africa 2 weeks ago after a ridiculously long process of renewing my visa and in that time I've moved into a new apartment, had 3 tests at uni and have 3 design projects going as we speak. Even before that I had my laptop stolen with quite a lot of stuff not backed up (back up your work and photos, kids!) but I sorted it out, got a new one, and now I'm back to life.

So today I want to share with you some of my favourite blogs and websites. It feels wierd to say but the online world is actually a huge part of my life - it stays with me wherever I go and whatever I'm doing, and is a constant source of inspiration for my work as a (future) architect, a model, blogger and general human.

First up, seeing people I know start blogging about the things they love

1. aka my mum shares her extensive knowledge and experience in nutrition. If anyone knows my eating habits, now you get it ;)  #superMum

2. which means 'dance in the rain' in my mother-tongue Dholuo, aka my younger sister becoming grown and wise on her gap year :D

Next, where I go to collect my favourite content with hardly any effort

3. Bloglovin'- I've talked about this loads but it's always worth repeating. Bloglovin' is a platform that lets you keep track of your favourite blogs, save posts you like in your own categories, and register your own blog(s) for other people to track. Register for free and follow Frame Ambition here ;)

And, places I go to celebrate my beloved continent with other young, creative Africans #PanafricanismFuckYeah

4. okayafrica- This is an amazing collective that has introduced me to some of my favourite African fashion designers, architects, musicians, writers, film makers, and the list goes on. Not to mention tons of enertaining articles about what creative Africans are doing at home and beyond. I think they take submissions of articles and other work too! :)

5. The Snatched Show (YouTube)- This I came across on a friend's Facebook account (here's mine #ShamelessPlug) and it's brilliant. Kudzi and Lindi are SA/US-based friends who are out to start and have conversations that affect young, educated Africans. They have quite the fanbase but from what I've seen they still keep it tight and personal, which is cool. Plus, so much truth in every video!

Finally, some inspiration for my chosen dreams

6. All My Friends Are Models

Also known as AMFAM, some real talk from past and present models as well as features on industry players, all written first-hand.

7. SuperArchitects (Instagram)


This is a full-on website but I mostly see their content on IG- they feature amazing work (mostly theses) from architecture students around the world and make me realize I still have a looong way to go!



Any recommendations from you?

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