A Celebration of the Alt Model

"Alternative modeling is a branch of the modelingindustry that features models who do not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty. Alternative models are often niche-specific, with a personal style that represents subcultures like goth, burlesque, latex, and fetishism."- Wikipedia

Selfie from my one-day should-I-do-it faux septum trial. I'm in!

Selfie from my one-day should-I-do-it faux septum trial. I'm in!

Hey friends :)

For the past three months or so I've been seriously considering getting a septum piercing and have finally found a reputable place to get it done. I'll be taking the plunge in a few days!


My relationship with the septum piercing has been as up-and-down as its popularity and I've done a complete 180. For years I thought they were really odd and unflattering, but more recently, I've been inspired by people making and wearing much more delicate, elegant styles of septum jewellery. Particularly FKA Twigs and Zoe Kravitz (aka my ultimate girl crushes) wear them beautifully.

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Also, being a model and student whose course requires giving fairly professional presentations in person, this is a flexible enough piercing that can be hidden while it heals and won't leave a scar on exposed skin. Perf.

On the flip side though, the modelling industry is becoming more and more open to models with unique features, personality and style. And before it was 'cool', there were entire niches for models with tattoos, piercings and other body modifications. Below are some amazing shots of these models celebrating external self expression and proving you can keep it classy.

Moniasse Sessou is an artist an model originally from Benin with tattoos, scarrification inspired by her culture, enlarged ears and a septum piercing. There could be more :P                         Photos below and more info found on her Facebook Page.

moniasse model frame ambition
                                 Photo by  Dariusz Adamek -   Make-Up by Viktor Charles

                                 Photo by Dariusz Adamek - Make-Up by Viktor Charles

                            Photo by  Carroot Zanahoria - Make Up by Alejandra Lagana

                            Photo by Carroot Zanahoria - Make Up by Alejandra Lagana

I first got introduced to Kat Von D on one of my all-time favourite TV programmes, Miami Ink where she was just the most badass tattoo artist. And so nice. Well, aside from that she models, and runs her own tat parlour in LA as well as a successful make-up/beauty label. Killing the game.

Photo by Patrick Demarchelier (from  inkedmag.com )

Photo by Patrick Demarchelier (from inkedmag.com)

Shaun Ross is one guy who's not an alt model by choice like some of the others and has come to be known as the world's 'first male albino model'. He's also a dancer and actor, truly paving the way in fashion for other people of colour, people with albinism, gay people and so many other unique groups of people.

Photo by Tm R. Photography

Photo by Tm R. Photography

(from thechicagocitizen.com)

(from thechicagocitizen.com)

And there are so many other variations of alternative models.

I personally don't plan on going further than the septum and the four holes in my ears, but it's always amazing to see people making their own rules despite an often frigid societal view of 'beauty'. 

P.s. this is and will be a big inspiration for a sick project I have planned that I shall reveal soon ;) 

Are there any alt models you think are great? Comment below or reach out on my social media!

Stay golden!