Hey all!

So here we are. The Frame Ambition page has reached 500 likes. Whuuuut!?!

frame ambition 500

So THAT happened. Thanks so much, you guys. This blog and its amazing following have come a long way from the days I didn't even want to actively tell people  had a blog, let alone bug them with "like my page" posts and requests. I got over that quickly, HA! :P

Now to just continue with my vision for the blog, which is to work on as many creative shoots and projects as possible with as many cool people as possible!

Check some of the people who I've worked with and been inspired by here :)

If you follow me on instagram or Twitter, you might have seen I got my septum pierced (like I talked about here), and in the next few weeks I want to work on a project exploring body modifications (piercings, tattoos, stretching, scarification, etc) and the UGLY beginning, healing stage before it settles into your body and becomes a beautiful expression.

If any photographers, make-up artists, artists, models or people with body mods want to work together on a shoot/shoots, I'll be in the following places soon:

NOW- 19th June:  Port Elizabeth, South Africa

19th-24th June:    Kigali, Rwanda (fingers crossed!!)

24th June- 17th(ish) July:  Nairobi, Kenya

Hit me up!