Updated Pinterest: Septum Jewellery

Hey, friends :)

So, as some of you may know, I got my septum pierced a while ago after months of deliberation..with myself.

Shoutout (again) to Michaela at Otherworld Studio, Port Elizabeth where I had it done (you can reach them here).

So most of the reason I decided to even get this piercing done is because I love all the styles of jewellery, new or old, traditional or modern, that are available nowadays. Also, the hole (or scar) will be hidden inside my nose so work isn't affected as a model or (future) architect/whatever professional. WIN!

This is the retainer I ended up choosing for the healing time.

This is the retainer I ended up choosing for the healing time.

But when I told people I was getting it done I got a lot of #ew faces and comments, either because they thought it would be mad painful or was a really punk/goth look. I also got a lot of 'You're not a bull'. Cheers. 

So for those who are interested to see what's available, or want to get it done, or know someone who does, feast your eyes on the pinboard I started forever ago on my Pinterest page, which will probably continue to grow with time.

(Click on the photo)

Too much excitement to take the plastic retainer out (I have one more week) and save people the stress of wondering how to tell me I have a mucus-overflow-situation! Freedom is coming! lol :)

I hope you enjoy the board, feel free to share the link around, and follow me if you pin!

Do any of you have piercings or plan on getting one or more? Share your stories and jewellery picks!

Stay golden,



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