Keep Moving, Keep Pushing

Hey friends!

Even though it's just been a week since I last posted on here, it feels like much longer..I must be getting more and more attached to my little internet visual noise-box ;) But that's good because I have all sorts of plans to share with you all!


Magazine submissions.

It's a new mission of mine to try my hardest to get in one creative, conceptual photo shoot every month and submit it to a magazine. Many magazines, a lot of them exclusively digital and some having both print and digital versions, are open to photography, writing and art submissions for every single issue- all you have to do is send your work to them!

Some magazines that I know encourage this: Gaschette, Guseppina, TWO, SALYSÉ, Taji, among so many others.

Comment below if you know any other publications that you think I should submit work to!

Also leave a comment if you're a photographer, make-up artist, designer, artist who wants to help me out on this mission and is based in Port Elizabeth (or wherever I might be travelling, stay in touch with me on my FacebookTwitter and Instagram).

We could get published together and be friends afterwards! ;D ;D

^^ Some sneak peeks from my first attempt at a magazine submission shoot with the best team. More soon ;).



Making movies!

Add me on Snapchat: j_olum

Add me on Snapchat: j_olum

I recently got on Snapchat (by got I mean remembered I had it and started going on everyday, add j_olum) and realized I'm really enjoying taking and curating short video clips. So watch this space, maybe an active Youtube channel is on the way! 



Just growing.

This is an overall goal to keep pushing and improving. It's important that you keep track of your goals and take steps to move them along- steps that complement your long-term plans.

For me a big thing I tend to neglect is networking. There are so, so many ways of doing this in person, but that's a whole other blog post (comment if you want me to write about that too).

For those of us whose business and passion includes an online presence

>> which is everyone in this day and age <<

there are countless internet communities, both international and specific to your locale, where you can speak to people with similar interests and in the same field(s) as you, exchange tips, get more traffic to your pages and generally just get inspired by what everyday people are doing. Some of the ones I've gotten involved in recently:

              Do You Boo (Facebook Group) | This was started by one of my fave Youtubers, Maya Washington (Shameless Maya) who is an advocate of shamelessly living your life and your passion and telling anyone who will listen about it. And that's what we do! JOIN HERE

             Social Media Marketing Mastermind (FB Group) | Similar to the above group but more geared towards people whose business is more closely tied with online interaction and traffic, so we help each other out in that respect.

               Training webinars (online seminars) and videos | These have been really interesting to log in to and just listen to people in the business of killing it on social media give their tips on being more productive, market research and BRANDING. Check them out yourself, get on their e-mail lists and attend these LIVE webinars to learn and connect with people from around the world instantly ;)

Rebekah Radice of PostPlanner

Grant Cardone of 10x Everything and Grant Cardone TV

Sunny Lenarduzzi of

and there are so, so, so many more social media managers and strategists, as well as people who have just been smart about their branding and their passion and have become the online success they want to be.

What's going on with you guys? How have you been staying inspired and productive?

Stay Golden!



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