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So here we go, keeping up with the momentum on the 7-day blogging challenge. Today I'm going to answer one of the most popular questions I get about travel (partially answered here too) - how do you have money to travel so often?

I have plenty to tell you about some of the ways I've made and saved money to travel around the world while still a broke undergrad. Real talk.

If you think about it, the time that you're a student is one of the most ideal times to get going because (if you don't have work or other commitments), you have months of holiday time each year which probably won't come around again after graduation.

Even if you do have some assignments/studying to do, believe me you can take your material and study wherever you happen to be. I did.

So now that the time excuse has been demolished, here are 10 ways to make and save money for you to travel wherever you want.

  1. RESEARCH your destination. Check how much you'll need to budget in the first place for accommodation, transport, food, entertainment/events, different seasons, etc.

  2. Where possible, try and pick a destination where you DON'T NEED A VISA. This doesn't apply to everyone, but if you're a proud product of the third world like me, it can be a major part of your trip preparation and may take up some of your budget trying to get the relevant visa(s). Knowing you can get in a foreign country visa-free can save you stress, time and money in more ways than one, because:

  3. You'd be able to then BOOK EARLY when you're paying for flights and maybe accommodation, if it applies. You're not at the mercy of visa officials to return your passport with or without permission to enter their country, so there's no waiting around on that front.

  4. Still on the preparation side of things, a big help can be picking a destination with a WEAKER/EQUAL CURRENCY VALUE to the one you're earning/getting paid in. That way you'll feel less of a pinch while you're there paying for food, activities, etc.

Snorkelling in Kilifi, Kenya. 2017.

Snorkelling in Kilifi, Kenya. 2017.

So now you know where you're going and probably when, where does this money come from..?

5. GET A JOB. For the most part, it can be that simple. This might go against my "having lots of holiday time" statement earlier, but as far as I know many places that employ students can be lenient with granting leave during university holidays-especially if you study in a town/country you're not from. Personally, I was lucky enough to have been working online for about a year and a half before my summer trip to Europe, so I took my laptop with me and even worked while I was away. If you can get one of those gigs, even better.

6. SELL all the crap you've been hoarding but know you won't use any time soon. Clothes, furniture, electronics, bicycles- have you not touched it in 6 months? You don't need it. With the help of Gumtree.co.za and an electronics pawn shop in my city, I was rid of a few things that no longer served me and I had good-time money for the week I spent in Venice.

Vieille Ville, Nice, France. 2016.

Vieille Ville, Nice, France. 2016.

7. STOP EATING AND DRINKING OUT. This one will be tough for some, I know. But if you're a social-butterfly-type, really just sit down one day and write out how much you spend per week, then per month, then per 6-months on take-out instead of groceries and clubbing instead of hosting drinks at your place (or someone else's). You might cry a little but then your life will change.

8. Keep a travel STASH AWAY FROM YOUR GENERAL SPENDING MONEY. Open a savings account, keep a jar/piggy bank, whatever. Now you're less likely to spend it on everyday stuff. Easy peasy.

9.RENT OUT your house/room/space during the time you'll be away. BUT check with the landlord that you're allowed to first! If not then maybe they'll agree to rent it out to someone else so you don't end up paying rent while you're travelling- especially if it's for a month+.

10. One of my favourite activities: DECIDE you're going to do it and COMMIT! It's mad simple, I promise you.

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