A Quick Thank You + Small Victories

Hey friends :)

Day 3/4 of the 7-day blogging challenge I've taken on is here (actually it came and went but so does work and tests at uni) so...task #3/4 is here, let's say that. I'm combining them to catch up but also because I think it makes sense here, the tasks being to embed something from an external site and thank your audience respectively. You'll get it in a sec.

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I've been blogging for ages to some mediocre success and exposure, and at times I wonder why it is that the huge numbers haven't come with time. I'm definitely obsessed with it, so isn't it supposed to just hit me one day? hmph.

Although I know my lack of consistency is a major reason, this year I've seen a shift in different ways. People are slowly starting to get in touch with me to just chat about travel and modelling and my story- which actually is what I've wanted the whole time. To express a true form of myself and attract like-minded people I wouldn't readily meet or talk to about this stuff in real life.

I recently hit FIFTY whole subscribers on YouTube which is hardly the big leagues (or even the little ones, let's be real LOL) which is still cool, but even better are the messages I've gotten to encourage me or to ask more about my travelling and my work. That is so cool. I hope you never feel shy or embarrased to ask/chat to me about something you're as interested as me in. I check my messages and e-mails compulsively so let's be internet friends, man! Check me below to see when I post something new or to tell me off if I go a couple weeks without doing so:

Oh, hello 50 subscribers! (there's always time to celebrate little victories hahaha)

So let me tell you about Bloglovin' if you're unaware- it enables you to follow all your favourite blogs, save posts into categories of your own making and design, and it suggests more blogs you may be interested in to fuel your online addiction. It's great. If you're into that, you can create a profile and start following blogs here. If not, you can always sign up for e-mail updates from the blog straight to your inbox below.

So there you go, ways to keep in touch with me and stay updated when I post new stuff. I finish university in a month's time and from then on it's hammer time! So stay connected, tell me your thoughts on my content and what you want to see.

Cool? Cool!

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