Kerala Blog Express 2017: Vote and Help Me Get To India!

Hey friends! - vote until January 10th!!

Hopefully you're all having a restful end to 2016, I'm certainly trying to! But this morning an e-mail plopped in my inbox and I had to snap out of the chill-ness: I'M GOING TO INDIA! (Possibly. With your help.)

I present to you my feeble attempt at making it into the Kerala Blog Express 2017- a 2-week road trip through the Kerala State of India (aka God's Own Country) with 29 other bloggers as we go South to North sharing our best content with you guys! (are you dying yet...I am).

The participating bloggers are chosen by a panel of judges who take into account your votes (START HERE!), your social media reach and most importantly the quality of your content. Pushing on all 3, obvs.

My profile/blog has been chosen and I'm the only Kenyan in the running as well as just one of 13 Africans out  of over 200 contestants. Help me break some barriers and perceptions of African people and women!

So there you go. Log in via Facebook or download the app here.

Voting closes January 20th!

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Stay golden!