Let's All Make Money Together!

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Hands up, who's got an online presence? Who likes extra money and recognition for skills/talents? Who likes pizza?


If you've somehow landed on this sentence and this blog, I'll assume you raised your hand to at least two of those statements and this is why we're friends, old or new. Welcome.





What this post is really about though, is earning extra money from your blog or social media channels by partnering with brands and marketers worldwide that are targeting an audience which you already have. Yup, blogger or not, if you have a Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or other online profile, you have an audience and you have influence. You is kind, you is important, et cetera. ;)

So how do you make that happen? I'm here to help and all it takes is following the link below to create your very own Webfluential profile.

                                                    My profile                  https://webfluential.com/users/register/gzhxr86y

                                                    My profile


K what the hell is that..? Webfluential is a platform for internet influencers (that's you!) to connect with marketers whose values, interests and audience are in line with each other.

Reasons to use it:

1. Connect with brands you love already and dig you back (because now they know about and can find you) to possibly get paid for a simple tweet, blog post, video, Facebook post, instagram photo, etc.

2. Sick infographics so you can see your audience size, ages, locations, and crazy useful stuff like how much your posts are worth depending on your subject, reach, etc.

3. A professional-looking profile to put all your info in one place so you and whoever you want to can see what channels of yours are performing how, etc. Here's my profile, for example.

4. Exactly what I'm doing now: if you join, add your channels and invite other influencers to do the same, you get to earn money from everyone who accepts your invitation and sets up a Webfluential profile.

Once again, this is where to start, using my invitation code:


I hope this is useful to somebody; comment below if you registered, were already using Webfluential or use another platform to do something similar!

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