Back in the Swing (or something)

Hi friends :)

Let's skip over the apologies for weeks of blog radio silence, shall we?

After quite a lot of drifting and self-doubt on the creativity front (YouTube, architecture aka my day job, this blog, all of it) and more than a little stagnation on the modelling front (no paid work since October), I took a little time out and went to Cape Town for a few days.

                                    instagram:  @j_olum

                                    instagram: @j_olum

I was actually there for a purpose, just that purpose took a few hours and then I attached my own invented long weekend after it to explore a little.

Maybe it was the fresh opportunity to fool around a bit in a city where hardly anyone knows me or a little narcissism, but my little underwear photoshoot on the beach at Camp's Bay and my vlogging that day gave me a much-needed push to be a little more shameless in public. Most importantly it was a little push to keep going with this blog which sometimes seems a little silly to me.

frame ambition camps bay

So here we go. I took a few shots of myself and made a vlog (not to mention friends and memories) out of a few days in Cape Town.

Just by going for it for the sake of creativity and the experience.

Look out for new videos on YouTube every 2nd Thursday and blog posts every Thirsday. Hold me to that ;)

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Stay Golden,