Blonde Ambition (lame title. Soz)

Hey friends :)

Being on the other side of the table, I don't tend to really empathise (or sympathise) much with casting directors and model scouts. But one thing I do know is there's probably nothing worse than booking a model from some photos only to have them show up to a set or a show looking completely different. Like with a blonde afro instead of half an inch of black hair. Yikes.

So to avoid that, my friend Chiposi (@only_chip) and I had a little shoot the other day! Shout out to him and the sunset in PE central for making me glow and stuff.

frame ambition blonde3
frame ambition blonde1
frame ambition blonde 4
frame ambition blonde6
frame ambition blonde6
frame ambition blonde jump

Watch the behind-the-scenes vlog here:

And find Chip on his socials: facebook - insta

Stay golden,


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