Friday Morning in the Riviera (Photo Shoot) | FrameAmbition Model Diaries

Hi friends :)

A shirt, a prop camera, some morning light and an hour with a perfect stranger can turn into amazing things if you know what to do!

frame ambition polaroid camera

If you've been following the blog for a while you'll know I've always tried to plan photo shoots with as many different photographers/artists as I can, especially when I travel. You only get better by doing and you're only as good as your last project/shoot/creation, whatever your craft. So one Friday morning I met up with Mark Ward and did just that.

bedpeace france photoshoot lingerie
frame ambition model viewfinder camera
frame ambition black model short hair blonde
black and white sheer shirt sexy
topless peekaboo book black model

We had some pretty big dreams of shooting outdoors in a garden somewhere and there was even talk of waterfalls and a villa, but in the end neither of us had time to meet again. For a one-hour test shoot though, I'm not upset with how it all went!

peekaboo window topless model

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