Barcelona on a Budget: 5 of My Life-Savers! (also Photo Diary + Vlog)

Hey friends!

Next stop on my Euro-trip is/was Barcelonaaaa. Good food, beaches, fantastic weather, history and architectural gems awaited. But yo, I was approaching home-time which meant the bank balance was starting to cry a little. But that's a terrible excuse to not enjoy an amazing city like this and many others!

1. The locals are and will always be your best resource

If you're as lucky as me and get to stay with a local, ask them to tell you everything. Where they buy their groceries, where they eat out and/or party, how they move around, what mistakes they've seen tourists make, all of it. If not, strike up conversation with cool-looking people or make plans to go to events/meet up with people on apps like Couchsurfing and Tinder (no judgement here ;) ).

Jardins de Maria Baldo Gracia Barcelona budget travel hidden gems.JPG

2. Hold on to your dough at tourist traps

Me walking away from overpriced selfie sticks at the Sagrada Familia.

Me walking away from overpriced selfie sticks at the Sagrada Familia.

In life, almost anything that's convenient is expensive. Buying a beach towel at a beach. Parking closest to a stadium/arena. Just don't do it. Walk a street or two over from La Rambla or the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower and find better priced (and often better quality) food, clothes, even postcards and magnets.

Casa Gaudi Parc Guell view of Sagrada Familia.JPG

3. Walk it out

Lovers of walking, European cities in the summer time will feel like your natural habitat. But for real, even if you don't think you like to walk, you may find yourself thinking of all the euros you could save not using the metro/buses/trams for distances you could walk in under 30-40 minutes.

W Hotel Barcelona Street ocean view

I did, and I bought extra paella and drinks instead. Priorities. I also made NO efforts to work out while I travelled so I made sure I was walking every day, plus there are often gems to stumble upon on the way to your destination. My favourite accidental walk-by's in Barca were Casa Mila and countless bakeries.

4. Self-cater and eat al-fresco

Parc Guel Casa Gaudi Botanical Park.JPG

For the most part, hostels, AirBnB's and private homes will have a kitchen, so use it! Prepare your own food for one or two meals a day. If you eat out less frequently, you can buy better food/ go to nicer restaurants. If you don't have a kitchen, buy some eats at a supermarket (or even some bakeries) and eat out in a park or at a beach.

Parc Guell Mosaic Barcelona Ocean View Gaudi.JPG

5. Check deals for specific days of the week/month

I was able to gain entrance to quite a few events/activities in Barcelona because I went on a day that it was free. Castell Montjuic museum on Sundays. Club Opium (and several others) before 1am. Do a little research and you might even save some dinero with student discounts, free stuff on your birthday or pre-booking entrance online.

Gaudi exhibition centre Barcelona museum.JPG

And there you go! How I survived Barcelona's often high prices while approaching the end of my trip (so real talk I was approaching 'broke as hell' status.)

This is me at the Arc de Triomph, triumphing over broke-ness ;) ;)

This is me at the Arc de Triomph, triumphing over broke-ness ;) ;)

Check out the vlog and stay in touch on my social media (links below)- let me know if you have any more tips!