Resolutions or Reinforcements? (aka 2016: one to beat)

Hey friends :)

Happy 2017! All of it. I realise it's relatively late to still be saying Happy New Year but I've decided this 3rd week of January is my new year's period. This is the week I had planned on arriving in Cape Town (to stay this time) to live my best life, but as life goes, things came up and I've had to postpone the big move by a few days.

frame ambition cape town trippy kaleidoscope

Which is interesting because that's how my life (and most others, I think) have gone lately- it laughs at your plans, doesn't it, and you just have to be flexible and not get in the way.

But anyway. Back to living my best life.

I've decided the way I'll do that is to top the best of 2016 or die trying. Even better creative concepts for even better content, even bigger adventures even further out of my comfort zone, even more connections with people who love the same things I do and even more gratitude. Easy.

frame ambition best nine 2015 instagram
frame ambition best nine 2016 instagram

Progress in the past year already! Thanks for the support on my instagram- @julie_olum

SO. I challenge you to look back at your 2016 (or further, or between the dates that determine your new year, maybe birthday to birthday), remember your best/biggest/happiest/boss-est moments and aim to top them from now.

Enjoy my "moments to beat" video below and write/draw/sing about your own!

Stay golden,