Travel VISION BOARD: Kerala, India (6 more days to vote!)

Hey friends, and happy new year!

Let's get into it: travel goals for the year? My first one is India (as you may already know) and have also been thinking Lesotho for the winter, Mozambique for some island living, the Karoo for some stargazing and much of the rest of the continent for festivals and fashion weeks. It's going to be LIT.

BUT I really need your help on that first one.


Like, really. To catch you up, last week I was notified that I was accepted as a contestant for one of 30 spots on the Kerala Blog Express - that's weeks after many of the other contestants who had that time to gather votes.

BUT ANYHOW. If I get enough of your votes and impress with my boss content and miniscule social media following, I could be headed to India to share with you all what the State of Kerala has to offer and to who.


Comment and tell me if you're a believer in vision boards to make your dreams come true. Worked for me and Europe!

Did I mention I'm the only Kenyan and 1 out of 13 Africans who have a chance? Out of over 200 hopefuls? Just an observation ;)

So do me a solid guys and in return I promise adventure, fails for you to laugh at and learn from and maybe I'll even manage to inspire a traveller somewhere.

Vote once a day (use the Facebook login option, much quicker) until January 20th and feel free to share the link (this one) multiple times a day for the next 6 days!

Stay golden, friends ;)



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