GIVEAWAY: The Art of Travel with Travelstart // WIN Flight Vouchers! Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

A little while ago I had the good fortune (and judgement) to attend a little shindig by Travelstart in conjunction with Travel Massive – The Art of Travel, they called it.



Okay, cute. Good vibes and a spread worth hopping on a cheap flight to Cape Town to get the creative juices flowing at Travelstart’s awesome workspace. Prizes were up for grabs for the best travel doodle of the night dreamed up at the drawing stations set up by 1000 drawings, all of which will be auctioned off for the charity.  I chose eating and chatting on the night, so this gif from last year in Rome was my contribution to the theme.


The most exciting thing though, wasn’t even the free food and gin & tonics on tap (shoutout to Drifter Brewing Company). It’s this amazing freebie I have for you! Freebies that is, because we’re going continental with this one – Travelstart have given me vouchers worth KES 3000, 3000 Naira and ZAR 500 to hand over to one person in Kenya, one in Nigeria and one in South Africa. Oh, yeah.

All you have to do is click on the image below to enter and follow the rest of the instructions for some bonus entries.

*One person from each country will win a Travelstart voucher to use on domestic flights

**The competition will run until 31 October.

Good luck, my chickens!



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