WATCH: My Favourite Place? On Africans travelling outside Africa

Hey friends!

So I made a thing (see video below).

This here happens to be an application to be a brand ambassador for Busabout- to travel continuously between April and September this year, all expenses paid, and document it for their blog and social media channels. Amazing, right?

sagrada familia barcelona budget travel


I did hesitate though and uploaded it on the last day of entries. Mainly because the whole job takes place in Europe. Which will always be special to me because it's the first continent where I planned and pulled of my first big trip travelling solo. And the first place I really (accidentally, almost) became a travel blogger and vlogger. And a place I knew I would love anyway for various reasons and certainly did not disappoint me.


But my first travel love was Africa and being from this continent, all I see every day is an array of places, people and sights that deserve a spotlight as much as anywhere else. Maybe even more because of the sheer PR damage over the years.



And I do not mean just safaris and voluntourism at orphanages so you can take photos playing with cute black babies, for goodness' sake.



Bearing in mind I've only been to 10 countries so far, I for one haven't yet found a beach in this world I prefer over those in the South Coast of Kenya. And I've never taken a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower but I want one just as much as I do one at the Great Mosque of Djenné (Google it). There is of course the matter of expensive flights across the continent (often travelling within Africa costs more or the same amount as leaving the continent altogether) and sometimes a lack of infrastructure to make travel manageable- budget travel even more so.


But still. Maybe all that's missing is accurate information and representation. Which I and other bloggers, writers, filmmakers, just instagrammers even, are in a position to create. And many are doing that (see here, here and here).


So I dunno. Surely I can do both, right? Thoughts?


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