VEDA: A New Month, A New Phase (or something)

Hey friends :)

Just a quick one to let you ll know I'll be giving VEDA (video every day in April) a bash, it comes at a good time because life's about to get real interesting.

For a start I'll be graduating with my bachelor's in architecture so I'll be discussing my uni experience and my years studying abroad in South Africa for a few years, so tweet ,comment or snap me any questions you have! I'll do a video Q&A in the first week of the month ;)

Afterwards comes my move to Cape Town- I won't be there for too long but expect a healthy amount of social activity, modelling jobs, creative shoots and adventure vlogs! While there I'll be working/volunteering at a super-cool hostel/hotel and working as an experience curator for Tastemakers Africa, so if you book one of the amazing trips on the app, you may well have me as a local guide!

I'll be daily vlogging for the most part, but once a week I'll try and do an ordinary video like a photoshoot BTS or some travel tips/stories.

It's going to be lit ;) Join me:

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