Taking Rejection Well. This Time. #ModelDiaries

A month or so into my move to South Africa's very own little LA, and I finally have that dreaded first rejection out the way. Okay, it's not that deep, but it's reassuring that life has in fact gone on.

Okay but really though.

The other day I was inexplicably up at 2am (sleeping in lots of different beds over a short time might do that to you) and I saw a promoted post on Facebook: an online casting for a commercial for BOS ice tea, just send an e-mail by midday with some photos and a little info about how fun you are. Sure, why not.

Fast forward a few hours and with a little temporary amnesia, I woke up to an e-mail informing me I had been shortlisted and requesting that I go to a casting in person that very afternoon, dressed in a fun, summery mood vibe ting. Well, damn.

BOS ice tea model casting cape town frame ambition
BOS ice tea model casting cape town frame ambition

Little naive me, ever so trusting and advocating of the MyCiti bus service, was a little late but it didn't matter too much as I was informed I was number 5 and sat down to have allll the free iced tea with a cute little crowd of some similarly aspiring/floundering vloggers and across from a guy who looked perpetually stunned and wide-eyed whether he was looking at me enter the door or passing time taking in the fun yellow decor of BOS HQ.

Then off I went into a cool, bright, Pinterest-y workspace where I was met with two guys- one with a peculiar name, one with enough tattoos to counteract his less peculiar name. I checked I was allowed to vlog and we sat down to chat about me, my hobbies/passions, travel, philosophy and Kenya. Casual stuff. And that was it! Easy breezy. What nice people.

I took another iced tea for the road in celebration of my new friends informing me they had perused my YouTube channel and  was almost at 100 subscribers (which happened, woohoo!) and went on my way.


I didn't get it though.

But somehow I'm not that upset (even though the pay would have upgraded my living situation by miles which will have to wait, sadly).

I got invited to a casting after probably TONS of e-mail applications received and had some pretty cool conversations with really dope people on a day where I may not have even left the house otherwise. It's all good.

Maybe I was just in a good space because trust me, there will be more and I can't promise I'll take them as well LOL.

Already I've applied to tons of other things via e-mail or other online contact  and heard nothing back - that's hard to get past at times.

It's the being ignored.

But anyway!! Look out for a vlog soon, and probably some less positive, more funny rants about this insane life I have chosen right here!








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