Blogger Recognition Award

Hey friends!

WELL. This is a first for Frame Ambition, we have our first award! (wheeee!). I got such an awesome response and feedback to the "honest instagram captions" post (should I make that a semi-regular thing?) and one comment was informing me of this little gift here.

How did I get the award?

The said comment was from a frequent FA reader and commenter, Nolu (peep her awesome blog Melanated Butterfly here, she writes about life as a South African expat in Korea, it's lit). She nominated me and a host of other bloggers for the award and that was it.


How did I get into blogging?

After dabbling in tween online journaling websites/apps like good-ol' Hi5 and at least 2 other DIY websites, I settled on the Blogger platform at one stage to write a French blog (to practice for school), a poetry blog (I was good at rhyming and that's about it) and finally my adventures and funny little stories from my small modelling gigs when I started to put real energy into it just after high school.

I won't even tell you the original blog name (if you know, you know. It was lame) but in recent months as you can tell it's evolved into a combination of travel content and modelling which of course are two of my big loves in life.


Advice for new bloggers?

-Pick a good name. Make sure nobody has it or has something too similar.

-Write/make content about stuff you love. Everyone says it but you love things in your own unique way and that's how you set yourself apart from other people in this wasteland called the interwebs.

-Consistency. If that means planning out a post calendar weeks in advance, do that. If you feel inspired one weekend and want to get a bunch of posts done in one go and schedule them for later, do that. But don't stop doing.

-Collaborate if you can. Talk to bloggers you admire and whose content somehow flows well with yours. You'll probably learn something new and expose each other a little more.

-If you don't quite feel like you want to/can collaborate, interact with other content creators. How much amazing stuff do you see online and think, "I love this, it's great", but keep it to yourself?! Why do we do that? They'll appreciate it just as you would if someone checked out and took time to comment on your stuff.


My roll of honour - I nominate:

FUSS by Rhea Gupta - photography/travel/editorial, a creative inspiration with an Indian flair

HollerKat by Katharina Holler - diary of a German model with gorgeous minimalist vibes

Miel Ei Koth by Debra Olum - yes, this is by my sister/my babe/my monkey, but it's dope! A little insight into her life exploring Melbourne, Australia

Half & Halve by Shakeel and Tash Toefy - photography, fashion, creative editorials and a community of Cape Town cool kids to carry it

Cracked China Cup by Leomie Anderson - one of the first model blogs (and YouTube channels) I started following and got amazing insight into the whole "moving to NYC to work but you're still a teenager" life. Miss Leomie has gone on to mini-mogul status with her website and clothing line LAPP the brand and is still walking/posing for some giants

Third Local by Lamic Kirabo - some more travel + fashion vibes for you, by this Ugandan chick with the cutest smile ever. I find out about a lot of African designers and dream destinations from her!

Kaihora by Cartier Finniss - Some next-level student travel inspiration from an old school mate and (not-so) baby sister's peer - peep destination guides and restaurant reviews from Australia to SouthEast Asia to the Middle East and more. PLUS she has merch to buy. CHILE.

Blake Von D - Fashion and a newer element of travel too, this badass lady (and attorney!)'s style has been one of my faves for a long time. I admire her loyalty to her signature white close shave too, major hair inspiration!

The Blog Abroad by Gloria Atanmo - travel stories, tips and think pieces told in just the most hilarious way by this chick right here. Gloria and I semi-met in Venice last year (stayed in the same hostel snapchatted each other, plans to meet failed) and then properly met in Cape Town earlier this year and she's just been an inspiration and SO entertaining to read. PLUS she's an author too!

Hand Luggage Only by Yaya & Lloyd - more travel, of course. These two British dudes break down step-by-step what you need to see and do almost everywhere on this planet. Like, even Port Elizabeth, my sleepy old university town. SOLD.



I could go on but I'm going to leave it there. If you like to follow blogs too check out my Bloglovin' page to follow Frame Ambition and see what other blogs I'm reading and to subscribe to the ones you dig.


Here is how it goes:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 or more other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated and provide the link to the post you created.

Thanks again for sharing the love, Nolu!

Stay golden,