2017 BEST & WORST Travel Moments + instagram BestNine // FrameAmbition

Hello hello!

Happy New Year! Ish! It's been a nice, calm start to the year for me easing out of South Africa and into Kenya, where I believe I'll be based this year and/or indefinitely. But who can say, really?

And what better time than to reflect on the year that was than now. 2017: the movie. Life happened as I graduated from university, moved to a new city, tried to make this the best travel blog I could and just tried to live!

Check out my video rewinding to the absolute best and f*cking worst of the year.

Instagram also let me into my best nine photos of the year, i.e. the ones you guys liked the most! (I blogged about the same last year, check out my post from this time last year here!).

I'd certainly say I've made progress in the past year, wouldn't you?

This year saw me split my work into a main blog/travel-focused instagram (@frameambition) and a modeling one where I share more of my work and behind-the-scenes (@julie_olum). 

Peep my best nine #modellingedition below and give me a follow on whichever account interests you most (if not both!).

Now on to 2018.

MORE: Talking to strangers. Asking about people and things I find intriguing. Speaking out the compliments I have in my mind to people. Learning by creating. Collaborating. Rest. Of course, TRAVEL.

LESS: Disorganization. Holding back from reaching out to people I think are dope. Bad eating habits (I need to stop skipping meals when I'm working). Self doubt.

What are you up to this year?

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