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Some exciting things went down while I was in Cape Town for most of last year, just like I knew they would in such a rich, exciting fashion scene. In case you're not following along on my instagram, I was in my very first fashion film: presenting Run and Paint the Town by Adrenus Craton in collaboration with PUMA South Africa and Imprint ZA.

We shot the 3-minute short in July over a whole day (shout-out to the lead Ekow and the crew who started at sunrise and stayed sharp until we wrapped in the dark!). It was just a fantastic experience and a true reminder of why I've kept keeping an eye out for modeling opportunities I believe in even after all these years.

It's all about the vision and the souls you meet along the way that bring it to life. 

I had met the lead Ekow Barnes just once (I took a photo of him for my models-off-duty post from SA Menswear Week here) and he hit me up shortly before the shoot day telling me the team had seen my photos at a production meeting, was I free to shoot with them. I was only there for a little slice of the execution of this idea but that was more than enough to appreciate all the hands that went into this, before, during and long after shooting.

Without yapping for too long, check out my BTS video on my YouTube channel (subscribe while you're at it!) and watch the finished film below as well.

Read about the inspiration behind the project as told by Adrenus here, along with the full list of the team.

What a day.

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