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It's been a while since the last installment of the model diaries but here we are, this time with a shoot at Newlands Forest, Cape Town by Stephen Pilbrough Photography.

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Steve happens to be an old university mate who made it all the way through architecture school and is currently pursuing photography and other creative hustles, like so many of us do.

He reached out to let me know he was in town and to give him a shout if I wanted to work on a shoot together, so we grabbed a coffee one afternoon and got brainstorming.


We went back and forth a little bit trying to find some common ground between our schedules, our individual styles and what locations would work out for what mood(s). I don't often talk about the process behind the creative/collaborative shoots I do, but usually there are mood boards involved and myself or the photographer reaches out with an idea already in mind, if not a location or vibe or specific item(s) of clothing to shoot. 


In this case it was more of a nature-inspired raw vibe so the make-up and wardrobe were as simple as possible and my poses were really whatever dance and motion that came naturally to me at the time. 

It was super early (Steve picked me up in the dark at 6am) but it was both our first time at Newlands Forest so the energy was high and time flew as he clicked away and I essentially danced with tree roots and branches and twigs.


What do you think? Any favourites? It's always like choosing children for me, but that's a sign of a great shoot ;)

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