TRAVEL TIME: Frame Ambition goes to Europe!

Hey friends!

First off, if you haven't heard from me in a month, it's because you don't have me on your socials!

I've been hustling hard on the:

youtube - instagram - twitter - snapchat (username frameambition)

RIGHT! Now that's cleared up, I have an exciting announcement! This time next week I shall be landing in Venice, Italy for a 3-week wander around Europe (Italy, France and Spain to be exact, but I still may add the Netherlands and parts of Germany too, we'll see). It's a short trip and a goal I set myself a while ago, so I'll be vlogging about it if you're interested in travel/exploring/adventure type vlogs!

frame ambition goes to europe

So I'm combining a few things on this here adventure:

  • a personal selfish need to travel and prove to myself I can achieve things I set my mind on
  • meeting lots of cool like-minded people
  • This of course includes other models, photographers, stylists, designers and such so refer to the image above if that includes you and get in touch!
  • starting a new vlogging series called Travelling While African which highlights world travel from my perspective (cuz I'm African, see)

The first video of the series is up on the Frame Ambition YouTube channel already!

Alright peeps, that's it from me for now.

Stay golden!