What's 'Frame Ambition' Anyway?: A Re-Introduction.

Hello, friends :)

It has certainly been a while since I just sat and chatted to (typed at) you. For anyone unsure or unaware my name is Julie O. and I'm a model, architecture student and the name/face/body/brains/hands behind FrameAmbition.com.

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This blog in its earliest days was a diary for me to record my funny, interesting and sad stories as a freelance model navigating the East and Southern African fashion industries, and has evolved with time (particularly this year) to a platform that additionally preaches the importance of travel near and far, shares the successes of a small-time clothes horse and gets real about the rejection and hustle of this life too.

<< this is a photo from the first day I decided to blog (aaaall the way back in 2011) because I went to Round 2 of an Elite Model Look casting back home in Kenya and didn't make it but had such fun meeting everyone and soaking up advice for the future :)

SO. This last weekend of October marked my 23rd birthday which brought to a close a pretty fantastic, scary, exciting year in my life that I've been able to share through this blog and on my YouTube channel. Being as I'm coming to the close of my time at university (whenever the fees should fall...?) a lot of life feels like I'm about to blast off into the unknown. But that's good because I will still have this platform to celebrate my wins and laugh at my failures in the hopes that someone else can be entertained by them, too.

For the moment though, whilst all five of you read my blog and watch my videos, it's still selfishly my own little diary of millenial life in these mean streets.

Thanks for reading and watch me spam your life in the coming week thanks to the inspiration from/on the #rsaBizBlogs 7-day blogging challenge. It's on.

In case you haven't caught on, I'd love it if you checked out my:

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;) Stay golden,