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Here it is, part 2 of 'How to Move Abroad' with some real-life stories and some (hopefully) innovative ideas you may not have thought about before! (See Part 1 here)

So. How do people just up and move to a foreign country? Check out these two real-life examples and the 2 videos with 10 different ways to relocate to a new country.


Bayka. New Zealand - the world. (English Teacher)

YouTube channel: (Travelling Homebodies)


I met Bayka, an online English teacher from New Zealand when he was settling into Cape Town, South Africa late last year.

We sat down and chatted about traveling and leading a nomadic life.

Where are you currently living?  

About to move into a 1-month housesit in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

Anything in particular make you get moving from your home town/country? 

After living in China for a few years and moving from “regular” work to working online, skipping around Southeast Asia living in the cheapest countries possible, I met a retired Australian couple who talked about housesitting which is what they were doing. From then on it was just making a profile on trustedhousesitters.com and off we went.

Best thing about having different homes in one life

Life doesn’t get boring, nor does our relationship. It’s great to have a local perspective on a place, especially because we have advice from the homeowners about their favourite places and things to do, often we have use of their car as well. And the huge saving on accommodation costs also means we get to spend our money on fun stuff we really want to do.

Most annoying thing about having different homes in one life

There’s always a longing to have a base, particularly when after a month or two you begin to settle into some sort of routine and it’s already time to leave again. The excitement of a new adventure often overrides that, though!

Longest housesit?

6 weeks in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Any housesitting stories or destinations you’ve been jealous of?

Our friends Paulo and Bianca were in Santorini, Greece recently. Generally any luxury houses in beautiful, warm locations are envy-worthy.

Wildest dream, who would you housesit for and why?

It would have to be someone trusting and easy-going or else it might ruin the whole experience…. Anybody with a place in a warm place; anywhere in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, African islands like Mauritius, Seychelles, Sao Tome, etc.

Where to next?


Check out parts 1 and 2 of '5 Ways to Move Abroad' with 10 different methods of relocating:

Julie. Kenya - South Africa (and beyond! It's me. Hi guys). Content Creator + Model.


Instagram - @frameambition

Tell us about yourself!

Heeey! I'm Julz, the hands and brains behind this blog, that YouTube channel and a bunch of other online content.

When I was 18 years old I went away to Port Elizabeth, South Africa to study architecture at university. I went on to graduate, live in Cape Town for a while and now the chapter is closed!

Where are you currently living?

Right now I'm both settling back into life at home in Nairobi and considering options to do a bit more long-term travel later this year or some time next year.

Anything in particular make you get moving from your home town/country?

When I was in high school we were encouraged to look all over the world for study opportunities and even helped with applications where possible. I found out about my university at a study abroad fair and sort of just went for it without thinking too seriously about moving away.

Best thing about having different homes in one life

Definitely the network of people you can build, and the understanding of humans from living in different communities - what's the same and what isn't from place to place. I believe the world is a lot less scary when you have that insight.

Most annoying thing about having different homes in one life

Sometimes I feel like there's always something I'm missing out on no matter which home I'm in at the moment, from family and friends' birthdays and events to even work opportunities. Also it's very easy to lose my favourite pairs of socks and little clothing items like that! 

Wildest dream (or maybe already a plan in the works) were would you live next and why?

I think South America and I would look great on each other! And despite the socio-political climate right now I think I could do parts of Europe for a limited time. Barcelona or the French Riviera, maybe.

And there you go, Part 2 of my real-life examples of moving to a new country! Are you inspired? Have you moved somewhere new? Sound off in the comments or keep in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

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