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Hello, my chickens.

A whole-a** month and a week after the phenomenon that was the first AFROPUNK Fest on African soil preceded by the Rebirth Festival celebrating all things African, and I can finally say I have collected my thoughts and memories into these here words and pictures.

I wrote a thing about my experiences closing 2017 and my 6 years in South Africa in the City of Gold with the help of my gracious hosts Once in Joburg who organized the Rebirth Festival and of course with AFROPUNK.

"For as long as I’ve been in this country (and that’s a good quarter of my life!) I’ve been told I looked like I was one of the Venda people who originate in Limpopo in the North of the country. It’s only right then this afternoon in Soweto homegirl joined the Venda dance – the only girl in the group and the baddest – that I felt like she looked like a combination of some of my cousins I couldn’t even pinpoint."

If you're more of a watcher than a reader, catch my part 1 vlog of the Rebirth festival where we ate and drank traditional, biked around Braamfontein, danced until we ached and got ourselves riled up for Afropunk. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and turn on notifications to make sure new videos get to you.

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