An Eerie Safari to Lake Nakuru National Park

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Who else is a fan of the abyss between Christmas and New Year's where you've eaten and drank more than usual and see a repeat in the near future? It's my fave. Few responsibilities, fewer expectations, just calm. Or a blur. Either way.

Me and mine decided to take a little road trip down to the setting of hundreds of our family photos spanning over 2 decades. True story.

Lake Nakuru National Park, probably best-known for the pink blanket of flamingoes at the lakeshore, is just outside of Nakuru town and roughly 2 hours' drive outside Nairobi.

My original travel buddy and I filmed a sister tag video (and she uploaded a safari vlog) on YouTube while we were there, check it out ;)

Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya.JPG

On arriving at the park's main gate (a new one as the one we were used to was buggered by heavy rain and rising lake levels in the past months!), we sorted out our park fees at the Kenya Wildlife Service office (you pay per person per day in the park, details on their website)  and were on our way. But before hitting the legendary Lake Nakuru Lodge, we got right into checking up on the park with a little impromptu game drive.

If I could wake up to this view every morning, I would be a very happy girl. Good morning! 🙂

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Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya 2

Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya 3
Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya 2
Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya 7

Being the dry season and super hot, the dead tree stumps and re-routed roads just went to show how heavy the rains had been for the effects to still be felt months later!

I kid you not we probably saw 10 flamingos in our 3 days unlike the thousands that live at the lake at other times of the year.

Lake Nakuru Safari Kenya 5
Lake Nakuru Kenya Safari 6

It was some sort of otherworldy beauty though. All I could think was damn, I'd love to shoot a movie here. But you know, lions and herds of perpetually angry buffalo and stuff. Rats.

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