BTS VIDEO: High Fashion in the Dunes (Photoshoot w/ Henrik Korpi)

frame ambition fashion model, photoshoot Cape Town

Hey friends!

It has been a (long) while since I posted what I've been up to on the modelling/creative direction front- unless of course you follow me on Snapchat (username @frameambition) - so here we go, shooting on the sand dunes of Hout Bay, South Africa with Henrik Korpi!

frame ambition fashion model, photoshoot Cape Town
frame ambition, sand dunes cape town south africa
frame ambition fashion model, photoshoot Cape Town

I reached out to Henrik on when he posted a casting looking for models to collaborate with when he visited Cape Town in December.

Knowing I would be there around the same time I messaged him and we go talking ideas and locations instantly.

After lots of e-mails back and forth, an overnight bus into Cape Town, checking into my hostel, a MyCiti bus ride time I grossly underestimated, I (finally) made it to Hout Bay to finally meet Henrik and his friend Anneli and get to shooting!

Henrik and Anneli were so fun and cool to work with, we made an afternoon/evening out of the shoot with a wine/snack break at a Greek restaurant, enjoying the sunset from Chapman's Peak, trying and failing to shoot in the wind at the top, subsequently forgetting my flip-flops up there, it was a ball ;)

Unlike any photographer I've worked with before on a TFP basis, Henrik sent me ONE photo from the 1-2 hour shoot (huh..!?) and said he only picks the best from each shoot although he might dig up some more to edit and share later. I'll admit I though that was odd at first but I do understand it in terms of avoiding repetition in both our portfolios and putting time and energy into producing one amazing shot instead of a bunch of OK ones.

So here it is!



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Have you been to Hout Bay or Cape Town? Where were your favourite photo/Instagram spots? Keep in touch ;)

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Stay golden!