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Well my friends, it's been a month now since Afriski Winterfest went down in the Maluti Mountains, Lesotho, at Africa's highest ski resort. They delivered with a weekend of slopes, music and magic and if you follow me on any social media you know I've raved about it ever since.

Scroll down for the road trip and festival vlogs if you haven't seen them!


After a (very) long drive up from Cape Town to the Maluti Mountains, a smooth entry into the country (no visa required for most African passport holders!), we got nice and acquainted with the cold. Come morning myself and my crew of AfricanTravelBlog and Australian luxury safari travel agency Encompass Africa got down to learning the ropes. On the slopes. (Too much?)

6 afriski_lesotho_alpine-resort.jpg

1. This is probably the most affordable ski/snowboard package in the entire world, never mind that a bomb music festival gets thrown in as well. Seriously. Festival passes which included entry to the festival, accommodation at Afriski (backpacker dorms, apartments or chalets), ski/snowboard gear and instruction if you need it..... starting from ZAR 2500 (US $208). For the weekend, people.


2. The Kingdom of Lesotho aka the Kingdom in the Sky aka the Mountain Kingdom earns all those names and then some, being home to the highest pub in Africa among other high points. Afriski Resort sits at a casual 3200m above sea level and you're going to feel it, particularly if you're getting on the slopes (and/or the dancefloor). Hydrate at all times and take it easy on the booze, we were warned that one beer has the same effect as 3 up there.


3. Traditional Basotho attire is some of the most vibrant and varied that I've seen - my top 5 in Africa, for sure. It's made up of colourfully patterned woolly blankets and a conical straw hat called a mokorotle; believed by some to represent all the mountains that make up much of Lesotho's insane landscape. TRUST more than a couple of people had one of the DJ's ducking and diving to keep his custom fabric one in the picture below.

4. Just one more mention about the snow-making ceremony on the last night that actually made it snow. I was not ready for the Sotho juju, guys. Check it out in the vlog below.

5. Little Lesotho is such an overlooked country with so much adventure, sport and culture to offer. I can't wait to get back and highlight some more because if you know me you know I'm a sucker for the underrated! Just the drives into and out of the country had me hooked.

There you go. I can proudly say I learned to snowboard in Africa. Have you been to Lesotho? Do you ski or snowboard? Let me know in the comments below!



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