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A couple of weeks back I was blessed with an invite to the 2018 Cape Town launch of The Entertainer, a buy-on-get-one savings app available in 14 countries. The app wasn't on my radar until the CTCCX2017 creators' end-of-year event and honestly the partnerships they have are so crazy I can't tell if I'm happy or sad I've just now heard about the app.

BUT let's talk about how they launched for 2018 in Cape Town this month! Apparently, users in South Africa saved millions in entertainment and ate over 500,000 pizzas just from using The Entertainer app. Always yes to pizza. We were welcomed into Cape Town Comedy Club at the V&A Waterfront with easily the prettiest gin/tonic setup I've seen in a while, courtesy of Cape Town Gin and Fitch & Leedes Tonic with their new pink products - rooibos-infused gin and the Pink Lady tonic water, hello! Yes.)

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Photos, good vibes, the whole deal. The deliberation on people's faces trying to choose a table for the night was a treat; the number one consideration when watching stand-up is, 'where am I hidden enough to hear/see well but not set myself up as bait for material.' It's inevitable.

Seats taken, food served, drinks flowing (shoutout to Spier wines and Heineken) and the night kicked off with the fabulous and ruthless Mel Jones, MC for the night. The laughs continued with Khanyiso Kenqa with my new favourite tour-guide joke (if you weren't there, you weren't there!) and main act  and an old favourite - Rob van Vuuren to bring the night to a high. The audience victim of the night wass chosen and nicknamed "apartheijie" and that was that.


Like, have you ever laughed so hard you gave yourself a headache? Now I have.

Good times.

I've found with these sorts of things that the best way to go is bookmark your favourite categories (eg. travel, food, health, etc) and stick to checking what offers are up for those, or search for specific deal types (usually spa days for me) so you don't end up swayed by stuff you wouldn't buy or use normally.

But then again, without the Entertainer I may not have gotten around to checking out the Cape Town Comedy Club before leaving this amazing city in a week's time (!) so maybe ignore what I just said as well. Up to you.

Download the app here (works on iOS and Android phones) and see more about what cities and establishments you can use the deals to enjoy your life more!


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