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Maybe it’s the thought of a new year approaching and my mind is still strongly programmed to start considering ‘2019 goals’, or maybe it’s the passing of my 25th birthday, but I’m in a very reflective state lately. (Actually you know what, wasn’t there just a Mercury retrograde..?)

Either way, I made this video in honor of my birthday and then bumped into a journal I kept every day I travelled through Europe 2 years ago. It’s mad to take a minute and look back at everything you’ve done and seen (and sometimes forget) in life!


For whatever reason I haven’t kept a journal while on any trips or in general since then, but looking back and reading my day-to-day thoughts and happenings I really appreciate the little details I totally forgot about.

This is from the day I left Venice to head to my second destination of the trip, Nice. Nothing profound like a couple of the lessons I mention in the video but a simple, near-perfect day.


Monday. Up on time for once, shower and get on the computer to wait for J to get up. I woke him up trying to get back in at 2am so only right to check if he’s awake. He is, just a bit slower than usual. Last selfie then time to go. Him to work, me to the train station. I’ve adored Venice but it’s time to speak (and understand) some French. On the bus I should be editing a video but sleep instead.

Stop in Genoa. My efforts to find cool sites and lunch places is in vain as we’re late and have a 20-minute transfer, not 1H15min. Put my bags on the direction-Paris bus and run to find a sandwich and last spritz. I feel like I got conned by the Japanese barman with his €4 Aperol spritz but whatever. Halfway to the French Riviera! On the bus, more sleep. Somehow our bus is early to Nice Airport.

Text A about details, get on the late (but free today) bus in his direction and find him no problem. A little late but I’m still adamant I’m keen for the motorbike ride to Cap Ferrat e mentioned. We go. It’s bomb. A mini-tour of the city and then the surrounding beaches. Richy-Richville. A Rothschild Villa. Stop at a beach, chat a little. He’s so Italian I can’t even. Back to the house, in the shower I go and step out to wine, olives and pasta broccoli. Too spoiled. And then Game of Thrones because we’re both behind by two episodes. Drowsy but I make it through, then to bed (couch).

Comfy. Calm.

Do you keep a journal? If so how often do you write in it? Do you prefer other forms of documenting your stages in life and/or journeys?

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