Escape to Elementaita with TurnUp.Travel // Frame Ambition

One weekend I got on a van with TurnUp.Travel and Jacaranda Hotels for an #EscapeToElementaita. Here’s what went down, how a solo traveler survived an organized group trip and why I think you should go to Elementaita (ar anywhere with TurnUp).

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The Art of the Staycation - 48 Hours in Kisumu // Frame Ambition

Given the short distance between Kisumu and Nairobi (just a 50-minute flight) and the location of The Grand Royal Swiss Hotel at Kisumu’s outskirts, the hotel is the ideal place for a quick getaway from whichever city you live in.

Read on for my experience and my neighbourhood guide featuring top hikes, beaches, restaurants with a view and more of the best of Kisumu - produced for with the help of the Grand Royal Swiss Hotel :)

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DIY City Experiences in Nairobi & Zanzibar: My Work Published on Touring Bird! // FrameAmbition

Freelance writers, digital marketers, digital nomads, let this be a message of encouragement from me to you - celebrate every win!

My local tips for Nairobi and Zanzibar got published on Google’s Touring Bird and I’m excited about it. Check it out.

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The 30+ Countries You Can Go With a Valid US Visa: Make Your B1/B2 Work For You! (+ Video)

After everything you prepared and went through for that non-immigrant US visa interview, it would be a shame to waste your visa even a little bit.

I have good news - you don’t have to! Read on or 30+ countries on 4 continents you can travel to with no further diplomatic effort.

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