NO AFRICANS ALLOWED: Casual Racism at a Hindu Temple and the Complacency of Africans on Our Own Lands

I went to a Hindu Temple I had been meaning to visit for a while to see their permanent cultural exhibit and bookstore (and see the fantastic architecture up close) and was swiftly informed by the guard at the gate that "they don't allow Africans inside". My favorite part of that exchange was when he added "unless perhaps you were accompanied by an Indian or a white person".

My second favorite part of this while story is that it happened in Nairobi, Kenya (aka my home town and country) in this year of our lord 2018. 

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Bloggers: How to Respond to Petty Comments About Your Work // FrameAmbition

Who has blogs anymore anyway? I’m sure it’s nice for beer money, I guess. Your little pictures are not a real job. Why are you always showing me this sh*t?

Yes, those are all real things people have said to my face about my being a blogger. And yes I’m a sufferer of ‘shoulda thought about that before’ when a comeback comes to mind later. So I’m writing them here and maybe they’ll help another blogger/creative when people don’t put respect on your name.


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Models: Make Your Own Comp Card // FrameAmbition

So you got those professional headshots done and you’re working on your book (portfolio) – here’s what to do with those photos. Watch my video on how to set out a simple but professional composite card (or comp card, or z card) to take with you to castings or e-mail to potential clients, agents, etc.

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How To Become A Model Without An Agency: 7 Lessons from 7 Years as a Freelance Model // FrameAmbition

I often get asked how I got into modelling, and how I’m able to be a successful model without an agency representing me. So far I’ve been lucky enough to shot campaigns with Specsavers South Africa, Saucony, Puma, Imprint ZA, featured in a FashionTV short film to name some highlights.

Here are the major things that I’ve learned and that I still put into practice.

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